Reversible Panel Skirt

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Product Description

This Reversible Panel skirt is like two sides of distant worlds fused into one completely unisized skirt. One part is made from 100% pure rayon, while the other side is made from our premium fabrics.  Display an awoken tropical potential that will wash away typical modern plainness. You will become the Eye of the Storm that will discreetly blow away boring standards.  This skirt features a side made from sustainable and reusable materials that not only prevent wasting resources, but they also prevent you from wasting your astounding beauty.

Tired of buying a million different skirts that never match with anything? Bontika solves this by having many buttons that allow complete adjustments, fitting every body size.  Pair this skirt with our Peplum elastic top for total comfort.

Machine washable at cold; cool, or hanged dry. DO NOT DRY IT IN THE MACHINE!